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last night's concert...

The concert was so much fun. It always is, though. I saw so many signs for us. I only remember a few but they said "Ruben puts the 'stud' in Studdard", " Build Me Up Clay", and I even saw one that was for me. "I'm in a Kim Locke State Of Mind." I think it's so sweet that people take time to make those signs for us. (To everyone who has done that, thank you. I really do appreciate the support and love.)

Some people ask me what my "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" is and to me it's this dream I have that's coming true. I still can't believe that last year I was working as an Administrative Assistant in Nashville and now I am traveling the country and performing in front of thousands of people. For the finale episode there was about 5,000 people in the audience and that's a lot of people to sing in front of. I know that I owe everything to my family, friends and fans who have never given up on me and love me, they know how much they mean to me and I will never forget any of you.

I have to go practice for tonight's show but you all are in my thoughts and prayers. I love you and God Bless.
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